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About Us

     Cypress Hills Honey Farm is located in the southwest corner of Saskatchewan.  We are located 5 minutes from Maple creek.

A short summary of how our honey gets to you:

  1. Honey supers are loaded up on the trailer and then distributed amongst the hives. 

    • Supers are the boxes which contain honey frames where the bees store their honey.

  2.  Full supers are removed from the hives and taken back to the honey plant for extraction.

  3. We then use our honey extractors to collect the honey from the supers.

  4. The honey is pumped into a tank.  Then, we package the honey into various sized containers.

     We are fortunate to be in an area rich with clover, alfalfa crops and wildflowers. The flowers from these crops give our honey its unique colour and flavor.

     Bee keeping is an all year process.  During the non-producing honey months, the honey bee hives are checked for general health and prepared for winter.  Equipment goes through maintenance.

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