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Honey Facts

Uses for Honey 

     Honey has many uses. You can use it on burns, cuts, scrapes and can be comforting when you are ill. 

     It has many beneficial enzymes and antioxidants.  Our honey is unpasteurized and contains all of the natural nutrients.  Placing a small amount on a cut, burn or scrape can speed up the healing process and help with the pain.  

     If you are ill, you can add some honey to warm water along with lemon and/or ginger.  All of these ingredients combined has a soothing affect  Honey also adds a very good flavour when used in cooking.  

     Honey is also proven to help indigestion, nausea, acne, lower cholesterol and along with a list of other benefits.   

     You may have noticed that some honey granulates (becomes solid) and turns into a lighter colour.  This does not mean your honey has gone bad or is mouldy.  The granulation of honey is a natural  phenomena.  All pure natural honey will granulate.  The honey is still good to eat.

    Honey is basically made of fructose, glucose and water.  The granulation process occurs when the glucose separates from the water and forms crystals.  As crystals form, they act as a natural catalyst and forms more crystals.  The rate of granulation depends on the source of the nectar.

How to return your honey to liquid 

  • Heat a pot of water to 35 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit.   

  • Turn off the burner and remove the pot from the burner. 

  • Place the jar in the water.  The honey will slowly melt and return to its' liquid state. The amount of time it takes for the honey to melt, depends on the quantity of honey you have.

*Microwaving a jar of honey to return to its liquid form is an option.  Keep in mind that the microwaving process will destroy the natural enzymes in honey.  The honey is still edible just without the extra goodness that naturally comes with



     You can store extra liquid honey in the freezer.  It will not granulate.  Just remove it from the freezer and let it warm up to room temperature and you will have liquid honey.

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